Individual therapy involves working on a one to one basis to help treat and support speech, language and/or swallowing difficulties. 

Individualised therapy programmes will be tailored to your specific needs and abilities. 


Intensive therapy programmes can be developed to be carried out as a block of individual therapy sessions or prepared for you to complete independently at your own time. This can offer an intensive approach helping to maximise the therapy outcomes and progress.

Regular one-to-one sessions will also be arranged to review progress, answer any questions and update therapy programme as indicated to suit your needs. 

Review sessions involve assessment and observation of your current speech, language or eating and drinking abilities. 

This may be required to monitor for any change, establish if further speech and language therapy input is required or if any additional support is indicated to aid communication or eating and drinking. 

Assessments and treatments can also be provided in your own home, which allows to assess and treat speech, language or eating and drinking difficulties in your familiar environment.

This can be helpful in establishing the nature and impact of difficulties you face in day to day situations.

A consultation session offers advice and education for individuals with speech, language, communication needs, their parents, carers and other professionals.

This may involve: 

  • providing information on how best to help and support a speech, language or swallowing difficulties.
  • sharing knowledge about specific speech, language and communication conditions or swallowing impairments.
  • advice on potential therapy programmes or interventions.
  • education or advice on specific conditions or disorders.