What we offer

  • Clinical assessment and therapy for adults with speech, voice, language and swallowing difficulties.
  • Currently only online teletherapy sessions offered if appropriate.
  • Support for aspiring speech and language therapy students: university applications, interviews, experience development, reflective practise. 
  • Training packages aimed at nursing and care staff. Topics covered: dysphagia, swallow screen, optimizing meal times, supporting people with communications difficulties, effective communication skills. 

Initial Consultation

A free opportunity with no strings attached to discuss your specific needs. We can talk about the assessment and therapy process and you can decide if you would like to continue with further input. Even if you are not sure if and how speech and language therapy can help you – get in touch and we can discuss. 

Detailed Assessment

In certain circumstances a more detailed assessment and analysis may be required. This may include detailed analysis of any formal assessments, language samples and observations carried out and the writing of a detailed report. 


Talks, workshops and training sessions can be arranged as live online sessions, in person and offered as a pre-recorded video teaching package. Get in touch today to discuss your teams needs. 

Standard Assessment

Assessment of your concerns with a short report provided. This may include a range of methods depending on presentation, however typically would involve a detailed discussion with you and  formal or informal assessment/screen.

Individual Therapy Session

Standard therapy session normally lasts between 45 minutes to 1h and reflects the time spent directly with the client practising and completing therapy tasks. Therapy sessions can be agreed on a one-by-one basis or as a block therapy programme. This depends on your preferences and clinical needs. 

Sessions for prospective students

If you are exploring Speech and Language Therapy as a career and have any questions, looking for support with applications, ideas to develop your experience and develop reflective practise – get in touch to arrange an individual online session.